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What you like about being an advisor? I enjoy getting to know my students—they are such individuals with a variety of interests!  I am always amazed at their maturity and insight.

What you feel is most important to reach kiddos? I like to think that I am a guide that can help students with a myriad of issues that they may face as online students.  Some students need help with navigating the school and some need advice on how to stay organized and motivated—all things I like to think I can assist with!  I’m a good listener too, so sometimes I am just a sympathetic ear J.

What you did before COVA? I co-owned an online consignment company.  We had 45 employees, 4 delivery trucks and a 45,000 square foot warehouse full of stuff!  Concurrently I owned my own real estate brokerage and had 2 offices in Arizona.

Your favorite hobby? I can’t narrow it to just one!  I love to hang out with my children and husband, to read books, to travel to new places and to hike and ski in beautiful Colorado.

What you like about being an advisor?

I like the opportunity to encourage students “my Homies” and their mentors in what they are doing to Win in their education.  I enjoy meeting kids and find it amazing when I find out what they are already accomplishing in their lives- this one volunteers 10 hours a week to make a difference, this one acts in community theatre, this one is a motocross racer… Wow!  We have a great group of kids at COVA and terrific parents and mentors who make it a priority to support them getting a great education and following their dreams!

What you feel is most important to reach kiddos?

I have found that consistently, there are 2 things that really help kids take their education to the next level- study skills/time management and perseverance when they hit a “bump”.  The one can be taught.  In Homeroom and “In It 2 Win IT” we focus on how to organize your life to make the most of online school.

Persistence is a bit tougher.  It requires that a student learn to see themselves as a problem-solver, as someone who can accomplish their goals even when problems arise.  This is a shift for many.  It means deciding that they will keep going and then asking for help when that is hard.  It can be encouraged, but takes practice and encouragement to become part of who the student is and how they “do life”.  It is so sad to see a kiddo give up on themselves and their education- probably the hardest thing about my job.

What you did before COVA?

What didn’t I do?  I worked as a counselor on site in a behavioral health facility in AZ, was a flight attendant, corporate trainer, professional management coach, training and development manager for Mayo Clinic, business owner, Sunday school teacher, public speaker and stay-at-home mom!

Your favorite hobby?

Anything creative!  I balance all the computer time with decorating, painting, writing, and just recently started a small business making earrings!

I love going to the library and taking out a load of books to learn something new.  I have learned everything from refinishing furniture to house-training my puppies from library books.  I love trying new things and the cheapskate in me loves that it is FREE!!

Day by day, choice by choice, we define our future happiness by what we do today.

Alison Worker
COVA HS Advisor

Hello world!

Posted on: June 6, 2010

Welcome to the COVA Advisor’s blog site!  We are just starting to take it easy on us.  🙂  Happy Blogging!

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